How long should a hug last – scientists have found out

(ORDO NEWS) — It has long been known that physical impact has a positive effect on the human psyche. Scientists at Goldsmith University have figured out which touch is pleasant.

Hugs are one of the most popular types of emotional and tactile communication. However, a person may perceive a hug in different ways, depending on a number of factors. The researchers hoped to understand what factors influence the perception of this gesture and what effect it has on mood.

The study involved 48 volunteers. They hugged the same person for 1, 5 or 10 seconds. Various methods were also used: criss-cross, neck-waist.

The volunteers were blindfolded to eliminate visual communication that could distort perception. Then they were asked to complete a questionnaire in which they talked about their feelings.

It turned out that a hug that lasted 1 second became less pleasant. Hugs for 5 and 10 seconds were perceived as pleasant, but there was no difference between them. The sight of the hug did not affect the perception of the hug.

Experts plan to further investigate the phenomenon of perception of tactile sensations. They expect to determine which hugs are considered overly long and which are most enjoyable.


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