Scientists have found out why the Maya used mercury

(ORDO NEWS) — Today, beauty should be safe and not harmful to health. At least we think so. And earlier, for the sake of a fashion trend, people tightened their waist, used cosmetics with a waist.

Australian scientists found out that the ancient Maya even used mercury in beauty rituals.

Anthropologists and archaeologists have long found mercury compounds at excavation sites where the Maya lived . The only exception was Changbi.

In some regions, the concentration of mercury was very high. Archaeologists have even found decorated dishes in El Paraiso, Quiriqua and Teotihuacan.

Previously, scientists could not understand what this was connected with. But now researchers from Australia managed to shed light on it.

It turns out that they added mercury and its compounds to paints. Then they painted houses and even each other’s bodies.

This is what they began to do in the era of the heyday of culture. Experts came to this conclusion only after a thorough examination of the settlements.

People breathed mercury vapors, it was absorbed into the blood, getting on the skin. The situation itself is terrible.

Today, if a mercury thermometer in an apartment is broken, they are asked to leave the premises for a day. And then people can be said to have “bathed” in it.

Mercury itself is not dangerous, but its evaporation leads to the death of people. Chronic poisoning leads to damage to the central nervous system, leads to kidney and liver dysfunction, and causes tremors.

Also, people could go blind, see hallucinations, gain weight. For example, on the frescoes of 810 AD. e. the ruler of Tikal is depicted as pathologically obese.

And this type of obesity is one of the signs of chronic metal vapor poisoning. From here it can be concluded that the ancient civilization lived very badly, and they had an extremely high mortality rate.


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