Anonymous-linked hackers hacked Russia’s space exploration portal and leaked data

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of hackers linked to Anonymous hacked into a website owned by the Russian Space Research Institute (IKI) and leaked files believed to belong to the Russian space agency Roskosmos.

It is noted that hackers hacked into one subdomain of the ICI website, although other subdomains remain accessible. The compromised part of the site concerns the World Space Observatory (WSO-UV) project, an analogue of the Hubble space telescope, which is scheduled to launch in 2025.

A popular Twitter account linked to decentralized hacker group Anonymous shared the details on Thursday morning and attributed the actions to a group known as v0g3lSec .

At the time of publication, the site was unavailable. An archived version of the website, taken on the morning of March 3, contains the message:

Hey, Russian bastards… Excuse me… Cosmonauts??.. don’t even know what to say. Go and make a good website instead of threatening people and the ISS, you hear?

The last part of the message concerns the statement of the head of Roskosmos, Dmitry Rogozin: after the announcement of US sanctions, Rogozin hinted that the partnership between NASA and Russian agencies could end, which is fraught with the future of the International Space Station .

The YourAnonNews account also shared a link to a zip file hosted in the cloud, which notes that this is a leaked data from the Russian Space Agency. The Verge reports that the download contains a mixture of handwritten forms, PDFs and spreadsheets, as well as descriptions of lunar missions.

Another hack “Roskosmos”

This is the second Roskosmos hack, coming days after another Anonymous-linked group claimed to have shut down Russian satellite control systems . A tweet from a group operating under the name NB65 spoke of the shutdown of a monitoring system used by the Russian Space Agency, although details could not be verified.

The war continues not only at the front, but also in cyberspace. An increasing number of hacker groups are siding with Ukraine and conducting operations against Russia and its allies. Today, data leakage has become a strategic tool.

  • In addition to NB65, a hacker group known as AgainstTheWest has claimed to have hacked the nuclear energy company Rosatom.
  • Previously, a group operating under the name Anonymous Liberland released 200GB of emails taken from Belarusian defense contractor Tetraedr.

Interestingly, Dmitry Rogozin recently stated that Russia would no longer sell “its best rocket engines in the world” to the US. It is worth emphasizing here that Russia does not have any monopoly on rocket engines and the United States and the whole world will do just fine without them, as they did before.


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