Microsoft after a number of other companies leaves the Russian market

(ORDO NEWS) — The Kremlin’s aggression towards Ukraine costs Russia more every day. Microsoft, one of the most expensive companies in the world, announced its exit from the aggressor market. It is still unclear which products will be affected by the sanctions.

However, Microsoft provides many services aimed not only at ordinary users, but also at companies. Now they all have to look for an alternative. Which most likely just doesn’t exist.

What services will the occupiers lose?

Today we announce that we will suspend all new sales of Microsoft products and services in Russia,
says the announcement posted on the Microsoft website.

  • Users will lose the opportunity to use a paid Microsoft 365 subscription , which includes cloud versions of office programs (Word, Excel, etc.) and increased OneDrive storage. However, it is not yet clear whether the company will close access to the service completely, even to its free version.
  • Occupiers cannot buy licensed Windows and receive updates for it, including security updates to protect against new viruses and vulnerabilities.
  • In addition, the ability to buy an offline version of Office that works without access to the Internet will be closed. Although, judging by the fact that Russia is one of the countries where piracy thrives, the situation will not have much effect in this regard.
  • It is possible that access to a number of other services and applications operating via the Internet will be closed without an obligatory additional fee. For example, Skype.
  • The Microsoft Store app store, Game Pass service and others can also stop work.

Companies may lose the opportunity to use corporate services and services. For example, Teams, designed to create a shared work environment and teamwork, will no longer offer an enhanced version with exclusive features.

This application is free, so there is no guarantee that access to it will be limited. The closure of Microsoft Azure , Microsoft ‘s cloud computing infrastructure for application developers, will be a big blow for businesses.

We should also expect the cessation of sales of electronic devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, Xbox consoles.

At the same time, Microsoft is one of the largest computer game developers in the world, which owns many studios. Therefore, in the near future, citizens who have remained “out of politics” for the past eight years will only have to play cards, or be content with pirated versions.

Who else

Recall that dozens of well-known companies have already announced the termination of doing business in Russia. Among them:

  • Nestlé, Adidas, Nike
  • Apple, AMD, Intel, HP, Dell, Amazon, Adobe, Lenovo, Spotify, Play Station
  • Audi, BMW, Bolt, Boeing, Chevrolet, Ford, Mitsubishi, Wolkswagen, Renault, Porsche
  • BBC, Disney, Paramount, Netflix, OnlyFans, Warner Bros
  • FedEx, Metro, Cisco, EPAM

In addition, many more companies closed the possibility of using their services, banned the registration of new pages on their resources, and stopped the process of subscribing for Russians. And some have allocated funds in support of Ukraine.


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