Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead

(ORDO NEWS) — The world is full of secrets and mysteries, and the discoveries of modern science and archeology bring more and more new sensations almost every day. But there are also such riddles, over which the official science and archeology have been working for a long time, but so far, unfortunately, they cannot give a clear and intelligible answer. These are cities and temple complexes, pyramids built all over the planet using high technologies.

Tanks, helicopters and airplanes, both inscribed on the wall of the temple at Abydos, and figures of golden Mayan airplanes.

But that’s not all, there are other equally ancient and mysterious works of the ancient world, and one of them is the oldest document, which is more than four thousand years old, describing mysterious and always relevant things, this is the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. This is an ancient guide to the afterlife and human rebirth. This book is essentially the same age as civilization, it describes the first image of the day of judgment, it contains the answers to the questions that humanity has been looking for for millennia.

What comes to each of us at the word of the mummy? Egypt, pyramids, sphinxes, but mummies are found not only in Egypt, they, like the pyramids, are found almost all over the planet Earth. But it was the Egyptians who attached special importance to the preservation of their bodies, namely mummifications, mummies are a terrible reminder of human mortality, and at the same time are a seductive promise of immortality.

But mummies are just the tip of the iceberg, part of an even greater mystery, the mystery of a person’s journey in a complex and terrible afterlife. The body of every deceased person must be resurrected in another world, but not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. In order for the body to resurrect, a guide was needed, namely the Book of the Dead, which in ancient Egypt was placed in a tomb along with the deceased body, which was for the deceased something like a guide to the afterlife.

This is a collection of spells that helped the deceased to reach the afterlife and gain immortality. Some scholars say that the ancient Egyptians gave more importance to life after death than to life on earth, archaeologists learned about this from the papyrus of Ani, a scribe who lived during the heyday of Egyptian culture known as the New Kingdom, from about the 17th to the 13th century BC. e. in those days, Egypt flourished, the pharaohs conquered many lands, from Nubia to Syria.

And Ani was lucky to live in one of the happiest periods of ancient Egypt. It is during such periods of economic prosperity that civilization begins to think about philosophical questions, about life and about the afterlife. Ani, thought a lot about the other world, he wrote that if a person was not buried properly, then his chances of getting to heaven were zero, because life is short, unlike eternity.

The Book of the Dead was a kind of Bible for the ancient Egyptians, and most likely it later became the source for the Ten Commandments. Thus, the ancient gods, or aliens, passed on to future generations a set of universal moral principles, laws and rules of behavior both in this world and in the afterlife.

After all, the religions that we know today did not appear instantly, they have their roots deep in hoary antiquity, in those days when the earth was ruled by the gods, and the Book of the Dead is the first set of laws and rules for both the earthly and the afterlife of a person, be it an ancient Egyptian, or any of us living in the XXI century.

But the Book of the Dead also has predecessors, these are the Texts of the Pyramids, and then the Texts of the sarcophagi. But for whom were they inscribed in the pyramids, if there was no one there? For whom were they inscribed on the sarcophagi, if no one was lying in them? Most likely, the aliens were in no hurry to give knowledge to their creatures, which were apparently far from perfect.

And only millennia later, when not only the demigods, half-humans, the Pharaohs found a soul, but also ordinary people, the gods revealed to them some of the many secrets of the universe recorded in the Book of the Dead. When a person dies and goes to the afterlife, this path is accompanied by many trials, and the spirit of the deceased must go through them before being reborn again.

All these trials are very insidious and dangerous, but the Book of the Dead contains answers to many of them, and was the protector of its owner from the dangers of the afterlife, and for the ancient Egyptians it was the most important thing in the entire Universe. But not everyone could have it, since it was very expensive, and those who wanted to have it often faced hardships, for example, the scribe Ani, she cost about his six-month income, but I must say that Ani was a fairly wealthy man, at first he was a scribe at the temple, and then the scribe of Pharaoh.

The possession of the Book of the Dead, among other things, also spoke of the status of a person, and only representatives of the elite possessed this book. And this meant that most of the population was not ready to receive the knowledge that was recorded in the Book of the Dead, and the aliens were in no hurry to share it with ordinary people, but conducted their experiments on the elect. But all the same, compared with the early period of Egyptian history, there has been progress, because initially, mummification and the afterlife among the gods was the privilege of only the pharaohs.

After all, they were half-aliens, and it was them that the newcomers gradually gave the reins of rule over Egypt. But already by the time of the life of the scribe Ani, and this is about 1200 BC. middle-class people and even the poor hoped to find eternity in the afterlife. This says only one thing, that the aliens brought out the race of people they needed, who could be given knowledge of a certain complexity.

But some scholars believe that the Book of the Dead influenced the sacred texts of Christians and Jews. The ancient Christians borrowed the concept of paradise from the ancient Egyptians, and this is not surprising, because many of the founders were Egyptians, or immigrants from Egypt, the same Moses. And even the idea that after death you can reunite with your loved ones is characteristic of both Christians and ancient Egyptians.

There is even an opinion that some Christian images were borrowed from the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. After all, if you take a closer look at the New Testament, it will become obvious that the main rival of the religion of Jesus was the religion of Isis, Osiris, and their son Horus. Indeed, many of the early images of the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus copy the statues of Isis, where Isis is holding her son Horus. And if you take a closer look, you will see that ethical norms and religious beliefs of people, regardless of the historical era and geographical location, have a lot in common.

And this is yet another proof that the ancient aliens gave morality to all mankind, knowing in advance about its development, because they repeated their history here on Earth, the history of their planet. The spells recorded in the Book of the Dead were supposed to help the deceased acquire immortality, eternal life after death. Almost the entire Universe is described in the Book of the Dead, but who but the ancient gods, aliens gave the Egyptians this knowledge, and through them, several millennia later, this knowledge came down to us people living in the XXI century.

After all, even most of the Ten Commandments are found in the Confession of Denial in the Book of the Dead. Could the Ten Commandments have been taken from the Confession of Denying the Book of the Dead? There is no mention of monotheism in the Book of the Dead, but almost all of the Ten Commandments are present in the Book of the Dead. After all, Egypt was the homeland of Moses, who, as we know, was raised at the court of Pharaoh and received the priestly dignity, he simply had to know and read the Book of the Dead.

So the ancient aliens gave the whole world a set of laws and rules of the Universe, gave morality. We also know that a modern man after death ends up in a kind of purgatory, and if he did not sin in life, and if he sinned, he repented of his deeds, then after purgatory he goes to heaven.

The same thing is found in the Book of the Dead, here the deceased must also go through a certain purgatory, and weigh his heart on the true scales. Where on one side of the scale lay the heart of the deceased, and on the second feather the true goddess Maat. And if the heart outweighed, then the person sinned, and he was immediately devoured by the monster of the underworld Amat, but if the heart and the feather were balanced, then the person was honest in life and thus he went to heaven. Please note that among many nationalities, there are such expressions “with a heavy heart” and “with a light heart”, and all these expressions have their roots in hoary antiquity, in those days when the gods or aliens ruled the Earth.

“My heart, do not let me down in the afterlife, do not slander me during the trial, do not become my enemy, do not lie about me in the presence of the gods.” Ultimately, the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead is a guide for the living, even after several millennia, an instruction on how to live on earth, it is a set of moral and ethical laws that allow one to gain eternal life. But many mysteries of the ancient Egyptians still remain unsolved. These secrets of life, death and the afterlife are eternal as the Universe itself, they can be comprehended only through faith, soul and heart.


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