An ancient clay tablet describes Noah’s Ark as a round and massive ship

(ORDO NEWS) — An ancient clay tablet, believed to be over 4,000 years old, contains information about the materials used to build one of the most famous ships in human history: Noah’s Ark.

More importantly, an ancient clay tablet describes Noah’s Ark as a spherical and massive ship.

According to the researchers, the clay tablet tells that the construction of the ark used materials, exact dimensions and the “true” shape of the ark.

According to the curator of the British Museum Finkel, one day he was approached by a man holding a strange clay tablet. Many have claimed that he received the ancient piece from his father, who in turn received it from Egypt and China in the 1940s.

An ancient clay tablet describes Noahs Ark as a round and massive ship 2

The clay tablet “turned out to be one in a million,” Finkel explained. Beginning in 1750 BC, it tells the Babylonian “flood story” and also describes the “true” shape of the ark.

When the gods decided to destroy mankind with a flood, the humorous god Enki warned a man named Atra-hasis (“Babylonian Noah”) who was to build the Ark. However, the Ark of Atra-Khasis had a round shape.

“The amount of palm fiber rope, wooden ribs and a bath of hot bitumen to waterproof the finished vessel…

The amount of rope stretched in a line would reach from London to Edinburgh,” Finken explained in a blog post where he describes the contents of the clay tablet.

Surprisingly, in addition to its round shape, the Ark was supposedly massive. In fact, as Finkel noted, Noah’s Ark would have had a total area of ​​about 2.2 square miles (3.5 square kilometers) and the walls would have been 20 feet (over 6 meters) high.

Finkel, author of The Ark Before Noah: Deciphering the Flood Story, explains that “the clay tablet contains startling new content.”


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