Woman went on a diet and turned orange

(ORDO NEWS) — A woman from the US state of Ohio decided to lose weight after a painful breakup with her lover, went on a strict diet and turned orange. Her story is published by Metro.

Alicia Shobe, a 34-year-old sales assistant, said she took up her appearance a few years ago due to a broken relationship.

According to her, the motivation to lose weight was born out of anger and resentment towards a former partner. In order to achieve the goal, the American refused semi-finished and ready-made food for six months and added a large amount of vegetables to her diet.

Shobe admitted that in the end the diet turned out to be unbalanced, most of all she leaned on sweet potato and pumpkin puree.

“I have always liked sweet potatoes, because they are satisfying and after it you do not want sweets. However, I obviously went too far and ate only him and pumpkin puree, ”she explained.

Soon the woman noticed that her skin was changing color. At first, she looked tanned, but four months after starting the diet, she turned orange.

This did not bother the American much until those around her began to pay attention to unusual changes. At that time, Shobe worked as a teacher, and one child even asked if she suffered from liver problems.

Her mother was completely angry with her for being so negligent about her health and eating poorly.

In the end, the American achieved the desired result and decided to reconsider her attitude to food. She reduced the amount of sweet potatoes in her diet, added other foods, and stopped obsessing over calories.

These changes were quickly reflected in Shobe’s skin – the normal color of the skin began to gradually return.


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