American woman recovered after 45 minutes of clinical death

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of Baltimore (USA) was admitted to the hospital with a heart attack. Because of him, she was in a state of clinical death for 45 minutes. The doctors managed to “resurrect” the patient with the help of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

It is reported by CBS.

Katie Patten was playing golf when she received a call and was told that her daughter was in labor. She went straight to the hospital, where she had a heart attack right on the doorstep. For 45 minutes, the woman was completely absent of pulse, heartbeat and breathing. Doctors immediately began using intensive care to save the American woman. At the same time, her daughter gave birth to a child in the same hospital.

To date, Katie has almost recovered from what happened. Experts note that after clinical death, only about 11% of people can be discharged home. At the same time, the exact indicator is influenced by the length of stay without signs of life and how serious the patient’s condition was before clinical death. There is also a great risk that after experiencing cardiac arrest, a person cannot live a normal life. This is due to brain damage that cannot be repaired. Perhaps, doctors call Patten’s case a “medical miracle.”


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