The robber fell asleep in the house of the victims right during the robbery

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(ORDO NEWS) — Stacey Stedman from Canton (USA) woke up and saw a man unknown to her in her guest bedroom. The American woman was very frightened and immediately began to wake up her son-in-law so that he would immediately chase the stranger away.

Reported by the New York Post.

After a while, Stacy noticed that the man was not just sleeping. He managed to swim in the pool, where he left his pants. He also finished the chicken that was still left after supper. The stranger even used scented candles that were burning in the bathroom. Before leaving the house, the man stole underwear that belonged to the son of an American woman.

It remains unclear how exactly the robber managed to get inside the house. Spouse Stacey revealed that he saw the stranger before leaving for work, but did not pay much attention to him. Although the man walked around late at night without a shirt and behaved somewhat strange.

After some time, the robber, who fell asleep right in the victim’s house, was arrested by the police. They found that when he got into Stacy’s house, the man was very drunk.

First, the loser was sent to the hospital and examined, and then they charged him with entering someone else’s house and committing theft. At the moment, the Stedman family are trying to understand exactly how a stranger managed to get into the house, because they have lived in it for more than ten years and nothing like this has happened before.


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