Aliens see no signs of intelligence on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — The aliens have not yet made contact with earthlings, because there is no sign of intelligence here. This was reported by astrophysicists from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (Israel).

The idea of ​​intelligent extraterrestrial life has long captured both scientists and the public. In the world there are many theories about what may or may not be in the depths of space.

A recent study by Israeli scientists has put forward a new explanation for why aliens have not visited our planet.

Experts believe that the aliens have not yet received any evidence of the presence of intelligence on Earth.

Researchers have been sending signals into space since the 1930s, so aliens didn’t even have time to receive or respond to a message.

Study author Amri Wandel believes that any response message will take even longer. In fact, signals from our planet only reached stars within a 50 light-year radius of Earth.

There must be more than 100 million technologically advanced planets in the Milky Way for at least one civilization to receive a message from people, the scientist explained.

“If civilizations are not very numerous, then contact will take place in a few hundred or thousands of years,” said Amri Wandel.

The American space agency NASA called together experts to explain 144 UFO phenomena.

Among those 16 people is astronaut Scott Kelly, who has been in space for almost a year. The first conclusions of experts are planned to be published in 2023.


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