Asteroid Ryugu looks like a comet

(ORDO NEWS) — Planetary scientists studied rock samples from the asteroid Ryugu, which were delivered by the Hayabusa-2 probe. It turned out that in terms of isotopic composition it is similar to comet 81P/Wild2.

“The measurements we carried out showed that the proportion of oxygen-16 atoms in the rocks of Ryugu and meteorites similar to it was noticeably higher than in the matter of other asteroids from among the carbonaceous chondrites.

In this respect, Ryugu was very close to Comet 81P/Wild2, suggesting that this object formed in the same regions on the periphery of the solar system where comets originated,” the researchers said.

The first such soil samples from Ryugu were delivered by the Japanese Hayabusa-2 probe in 2020.

According to the organizers of the mission, the study of Ryugu rocks will help to understand how the solar system was formed.

The data that have already been obtained, according to scientists, already speak in favor of the fact that Ryugu and 81P / Wild2 formed in the same region on the outskirts of the solar system.

In the very first moments of its existence, particles of olivine and other rocks were thrown there. Scientists believe that this explains points to the complex history of their formation.


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