Abnormal DNA found in humanoid woman’s hair

(ORDO NEWS) — If you believe the story of the Australian Peter Khoury, then for 30 years he has kept the world’s first sample of biological material from an extraterrestrial being.

In particular, we are talking about a blond lock of hair that Khouri had left after a strange contact with a humanoid woman.

Peter Khoury was originally from Lebanon but immigrated to Australia in 1973. In the early 1980s, he met a girl named Vivian, who in 1990 became his wife and bore him two children.

In February 1988, when Peter and Vivian were just dating, they witnessed a UFO one evening that circled above them in the evening sky.

Nothing more strange happened to them that evening, but a few months later, in July of that year, Peter woke up at night in his bed with the feeling that something had grabbed his legs.

Abnormal DNA found in humanoid womans hair 2

Before he could open his eyes, he realized that he could not speak and could not move, he was paralyzed. However, he remained conscious and saw that in his room, next to the bed, there were three or four short humanoid creatures in hooded robes.

These beings sent telepathic contacts to his brain and advised him to calm down and not be afraid, because “everything will be the same as last time.”

Abnormal DNA found in humanoid womans hair 3

Peter did not understand what “last time” he was talking about, but while he was thinking what was happening, one of the aliens took a long thin needle and stuck it in Peter’s head, after which he lost consciousness.

When he came to, it was still night and he was in his own bedroom. He ran to the bedrooms of his brother and father and found that they were sleeping peacefully. In the morning, Vivian noticed a puncture mark on Peter’s head and some dried blood on it.

At that time, Peter did not know anything about UFOs, about the fact that aliens abduct people and in general nothing about ufology, but all his attempts to convince himself that it was just a nightmare were unsuccessful, he remembered everything too vividly and well.

A few months later, Peter accidentally saw an advertisement for Whitley Strieber’s Communion, in which Strieber talked about his own alien abduction. When Peter read this book, he finally realized that he was not alone.

And in July 1992, Peter Khoury had an even stranger and more frightening contact with aliens. It was early morning and he was in bed. He had suffered a minor injury at work the previous day (he worked for his own cement manufacturing company) and was now waiting for the wound to heal while taking painkillers.

There was no one in the house but him, Vivian had already left for her work. And suddenly Peter saw that two completely naked women were sitting on his bed.

Peter immediately realized that they were not human, although they were quite humanoid. One woman was Asian with shoulder-length black hair and dark eyes, the other was typically Scandinavian in appearance with light blue eyes and long blond hair that reached her mid-back.

Peter paid special attention to her hair, as it was styled in an unusual hairstyle:

“I’ve never seen such hair before. They lay just like Farra Fawcett (American actress), but much more magnificent. It looked a little unusual,” said Khoury.

Abnormal DNA found in humanoid womans hair 4

It was primarily because of the women’s faces that Peter realized they weren’t human. Their faces were peculiar – not exactly unattractive, but overly sculpted, with extremely high cheekbones and eyes two or three times their usual size in humans.

Peter paid special attention to the blonde. It seemed to him that her face was too long for a man, in any case, he had never seen people with such elongated faces before.

The blonde seemed to Khouri to be the main of the two, and Khouri also thought they were communicating telepathically. Outwardly, the women’s faces did not express any emotions, they were “empty”, like those of mannequins.

Although Khoury was stunned by the sudden appearance of the women, he only had a few moments to wonder how they could have entered his bedroom when the blonde reached out with both hands and grabbed the back of his head, bringing his face close to her chest. He objected. Then she pulled him even harder.

“She was pretty strong. She pulled me towards her and my mouth was practically on her chest. And I bit her there.”

Peter Khoury said he didn’t know why he bit the woman, but although he felt a small piece of her breast come off his teeth, she didn’t scream in pain. But the “expression” of her face was like “something is not right.” In a way, it was a confusion.

“The blonde looked at the Asian and then looked at me like it wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. It was like saying to me, ‘You did it wrong.’

A moment later, Khouri coughed as he unwittingly swallowed a piece of flesh that had been bitten off. And then both women disappeared, and Khouri for some reason felt a strong urge to urinate.

Once in the toilet and urinating, the man suddenly felt that there was something extraneous on his genitals and when he examined it, he found long blond hair tightly wrapped around it. He took them off with great difficulty, because it seemed that his hair was deliberately pulled very tight. And then I put them in a small bag.

All this reads as something very dubious and smacks of erotic fantasies, but Peter Khoury assures that everything was exactly like that and that he himself was also shocked by what strange things happened to him.

He also knew what this would look like for his wife, so he didn’t tell her until two weeks later. And he was very surprised when she believed it.

Further, Peter Khoury tried to contact local ufologists and tell them about his strange experience, but everything ended with the fact that in April 1993 he founded his own ufological group, the UFO Survivor Support Association (UFOESA).

And in 1999, the International UFO Reporter published an article about what happened to Peter Khoury and about a lock of humanoid hair that he had and was subjected to various studies.

The blond hair was incredibly thin for human hair and almost colorless. It was concluded that the hair was not chemically treated, as otherwise little or no mitochondrial DNA would have been obtained. However, it has been reported that using the PCR method (polymerase chain reaction) it was possible to restore DNA of high quality.

In addition, hair samples of Peter Khoury and his wife Vivian were obtained for comparison. Peter’s hair DNA was effectively extracted, but Vivian’s hair DNA could not be recovered, presumably due to chemical processing.

Experts from the Anomaly Physical Evidence Group came up with a stunning result after carefully studying hair samples. They stated that this thin blond hair, which appeared to belong to a light-skinned white woman, could not have belonged to a typical person of this ethnic type.

Instead, despite the fact that they were still recognized as human, the hairs had five different DNA markers, indicating a rare subgroup of the Chinese Mongoloid racial type.

A thorough review of the literature on mitochondrial DNA variation, which included tens of thousands of samples, found that just four people in the world had all five of the unusual markers in their blonde hair. Moreover, each of the four was Chinese and had black hair.

Mitochondrial DNA is exclusively passed down from mother to child and therefore provides a method of tracing the maternal lineage. Alien curl data showed that the blonde and all four Chinese participants shared a common female ancestor. However, no direct explanation of how this could happen was given by the researchers.

Nuclear DNA testing, if it could be extracted from blonde hair, would be more difficult and expensive than previous tests, but it could reveal that the blonde’s father’s genealogy was even stranger than her mother’s.

Alas, the group did not have the funds for more complex DNA studies, but even the result they received was stunning. Without the blonde hair pattern, Peter Khoury’s story was just another in an almost endless series of harrowing but unverifiable kidnapping tales. However, hair changed everything.

It was undeniably real hair, and extensive forensic analysis showed that their DNA was anomalous. No one with blond hair and that kind of DNA seems to have existed in the city of Sydney, or on the Australian continent, or most likely anywhere else in the world.

Who then was the entity whose blond hair was inexplicably wrapped around Peter Khoury’s penis?

This study and the publication of the article took place thanks to the leading ufologist in Australia in those years, Bill Chalker. Here is how he himself reacted to the findings of the research team:

“Are we dealing with ‘humans’ from somewhere else, or humans with human DNA, albeit very rare and somewhat anomalous?

This case raises all sorts of questions, such as human ‘panspermia’, the theory that human-like beings could have migrated to Earth in the relatively recent past from elsewhere in the galaxy, which may have led to the sudden emergence of modern Homo sapiens, a species that is not a direct descendant of its immediate predecessors, the Neanderthals. rare Asian types in the past.

In this regard, the story of the disputed Taklamakan (Tarim) mummiesfound in remote western China turns early Chinese history on its head. Among these mummies there are people who are quite tall, about 180 cm or so, and some of them are fair-haired.

I’m not suggesting any connection here, but you understand that this investigation has opened up many interesting possibilities regarding the biological nature of some of the creatures involved in the abduction cases.”


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