Frequent nail extensions can damage DNA, scientists say

(ORDO NEWS) — UV rays are known to cause skin cancer with long-term exposure, and yet very little research has been done on the safety of lamps used to dry nail polish in beauty salons.

A new study by researchers at the University of California San Diego and the University of Pittsburgh in the US has found evidence of the damage this source of harmful rays can do to our hands.

The LED dryers used to dry nail polish look like little sunbeds. They use UV light to quickly and cleanly cure and dry some types of nail polish.

The bulb on an LED nail polish dryer is less intense and has a different UV spectrum than a tanning bed, but some of the rays it emits still easily penetrate the skin with unknown effects.

Previous studies have shown little to no association between nail dryers and skin cancer at the population level, but a new study has some troubling results.

Bioengineer and lead author Ludmil Alexandrov says that prior to the study, “there was no molecular understanding of what these devices do to human cells.”

The results of the experiment show that ultraviolet light from manicure lamps can similarly damage the DNA of human and mouse cells.

One of the employees of the Alexandrov laboratory and the first author of the study, Maria Zhivagui (Maria Zhivagui), was so alarmed by the results that she decided to stop her regular manicure with gel polish.

“Once I saw how the radiation emitted by a gel polish dryer affects cell death and that it actually mutates cells even after one 20-minute session, I was surprised,” Zhivagui says.


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