A perch with a five-fold excess of radiation in the body was caught near Fukushima

(ORDO NEWS) — In Fukushima Prefecture, for the first time in two years, an increased rate of radiation in the bodies of marine inhabitants was again detected. Thus, the caught black sea bass “fonil” is five times higher than the norm.

The Fisheries Federation of the region has decided to suspend fishing until the numbers drop. The radioactive perch was caught 8.8 kilometers from the city of Sinchi at a depth of 24 meters yesterday, February 22. In the course of the study, it turned out that the concentration of cesium is 500 becquerels per 1 kg, while 100 becquerels are permissible.

Over the past year, 3 tons of perch were caught, which is less than 1% of the total landings within the fishery. Previously, increased radiation occurred in 2019 in Common Kasbe rays. Last year, they decided to limit the fish catch.

A 2020 study found that only 0.01% of fish were substandard. In some species, the indicators were completely lower than the allowed ones. This year the radioactive situation has worsened, its causes are being studied.

As a reminder, the Fukushima NPP collapsed as a result of the 11.03.2011 earthquake. The zone within a radius of 10 km was abandoned.


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