A creepy figure in a raincoat was found in an abandoned Chernobyl building

(ORDO NEWS) — Users were overcome by a real nightmare when they saw a frightening figure in a raincoat in a photo from Google maps. One of the TikTok users has begun to spread scary something.

A few days ago, a video appeared on the social network, which has already been watched more than 150 thousand times.

The footage shows the approach to the entrance to the old post office of Pripyat, where today only the wind wanders.

Postcards and letters are scattered on the floor. As the camera turned, a ghostly figure appeared on the screen. She stood near the windowsill, looked directly into the camera and pointed at her with her hand. The face was hidden by a cloak.


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Cold sweat ran down the skin of the audience, they began to actively share the video with their surroundings. At first, some thought that a statue had fallen into the camera, but later realized that the figure looked more like a ghost. It is impossible to explain what he saw.


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