A man with the help of three rules lost 41 kilograms in 7 months

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(ORDO NEWS) — A man from the city of Ludhiana (Punjab state) managed to lose 41 kg in a short time. He decided to share his secret with the world. Perhaps his advice will help a lot of people. According to Ramit Aggarwal (that is the name of the thinner), the result was achieved by adhering to only three rules.

Reported by The Times.

The secret is as old as the world, but simple and effective. So, to be in shape you need: regular physical activity, proper nutrition and discipline. Rummit says he was looking for the most gentle way to lose weight. Exhausting diets, dietary supplements and exhausting workouts are categorically unacceptable for him.

The first step to losing weight is rethinking your diet, says Rummit. He drank a glass of warm water daily for breakfast and ate light food. It could be rice flakes or porridge. At noon, he ate a fruit salad and an hour and a half later a vegetable stew. At about 5:30 pm, an Indian could afford tea and some biscuits. His supper consisted of salad and black bread.

The Indian chose brisk walking as a physical activity. Every day he made an average of 8 thousand steps in the morning and 10-15 thousand in the evening. I spent another half hour doing various exercises on the floor.

And of course the most important factor is discipline. It all depends on ourselves, Rammit Aggarwal is sure. After all, while he was losing weight, thoughts crept in in his head to leave everything or skip walking. But each time he reminded himself why he was making so much effort.

-41 kg is not the limit, the Indian plans to lose another 15 – 20 kg in order to achieve the shape of his dreams. Watching such people, you believe that they will succeed.


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