A resident of a Chinese province found out about her death 15 years later

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(ORDO NEWS) — In Sichuan Province, a woman from Lijia City moved to Guangdong. The reason for the move was her marriage. This was in 2005. The young family settled in the new city and lived without hassle for 15 years. Until in 2020, when processing her documents, the woman found out that she was dead.

It is reported by Sixth Tone.

The unpleasant truth came to light when Wang (the woman’s last name) got married a second time. The registry office had to provide documents about the place of registration. Hikou – this is how the registration certificate is called in China. It is served in order to receive benefits and also must be provided to the registry office when registering a marriage.

Imagine her surprise when she found out that according to the documents, her hikou was canceled back in 2005. The cause of the cancellation was the death of a woman. But in fact, no one died. The Chinese woman had to contact various government agencies to resolve this issue. However, no one helped her.

Now the woman’s family may also have problems. So, due to a ridiculous bureaucratic mistake, Mrs. Wang cannot be a full-fledged citizen of her country. She is deprived of benefits in health care, a pension fund. There are also problems with property rights in the education system.

Why the authorities do not meet the residents halfway is not clear. She is alive, works, pays taxes, but because of someone’s mistake, she has the status of “dead”. Wang’s family hopes that lawyers will help her deal with this in court.


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