The Solar Orbiter recorded “bonfires” on the surface of the Sun

(ORDO NEWS) — The closest distance from which pictures of the Sun star were taken is 7.5 million km. The pictures were taken with the Solar Orbiter. By cosmic standards, this is really not a lot. It is also worth taking into account the temperature of the star and the inability to get closer to it. However, the obtained photos were enough to examine the incomprehensible foci on the surface of the star.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

The Solar Orbiter can withstand the scorching rays of the Sun without any problems and retains its sub-zero temperature inside. This device is a development of Airbus. In the photo taken by the camera of the spacecraft, flashes were captured. They lasted from 10 to 200 seconds and varied in diameter from 400 to 10,000 miles. These flares are nothing more than emissions of radiation from the surface of the star.

Simply put, these are solar bonfires. Scientists consider them small. For example, a coronal rain ejection can travel from the Sun to Mars. And these flares fade away on the surface of the star.

Bonfires appear due to the heating of the Sun’s atmosphere (corona). In this area, the temperature reaches 1.5 million degrees C. The Sun’s crown is 300 times hotter than the deep layers of the star. Physics still do not know why there is such a large temperature difference.

Also, scientists noticed an interesting phenomenon around the fires. The opposite direction magnetic field lines are broken and reconnected. The break point is the bonfire area. Perhaps this is somehow related to the high temperature of the solar atmosphere.


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