37-meter asteroid is approaching the Earth at high speed

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA told about an asteroid that was sighted in August this year. The body, which has considerable dimensions, was codenamed 2020 PT4. The approach to the Earth will take place on September 8.

According to observations, the speed of body movement is 12.6 km per second or 45.36 km per hour. The length of the space rock is approximately 37 meters. The object will fly past our planet on Tuesday at a distance of 1,888,153 kilometers, which is 4.9 distances from the Moon to the Earth. From this, it follows that the body does not pose any danger.

NASA additionally noted that an observed asteroid is a near-Earth object that will help scientists in the study of the solar system. Even if the asteroid changes its trajectory and falls to the Earth, then there will be no great destruction: an explosion is formed as in the case of the Chelyabinsk meteorite, which fell in 2013.

Object 2020 PT4 was recorded on August 13 this year. He was assigned to the Apollo group. One revolution around the Sun takes 738 Earth days or 2.02 Earth years. The maximum distance from our planet is 357 million km, while the minimum distance is 122 million km.

Scientists continue to study the object. People may not worry: in any scenario, nothing apocalyptic will happen. The bulk of the asteroid will burn up in the atmosphere with a possible fall.


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