A powerful magnetic storm will hit the Earth at the end of September

(ORDO NEWS) — The magnetic storm that will cover the Earth in September will last for several days.

The storm, which experts are warning about, will be the most powerful in all of 2020. Also, its feature is that it will last for several days.

The Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun provided data that the peak of the strongest impact will take place on September 27, but meteorological waves will be present for several days at once. From about 25 September and will only end on 28.

Geomagnetic storms occur as a result of disturbed streams of the solar wind entering the vicinity of the Earth and begin to interact with the atmosphere of our planet. Magnetic storms primarily adversely affect weather-dependent and elderly people. Also, those who have problems with the heart, blood vessels, and blood pressure can feel very badly. Experts advise that you always have the necessary medications on hand to relieve your condition.

Very often during magnetic storms, there can be a severe headache, loss of strength, surges in blood pressure. Sleep problems may be present. The most dangerous day, according to experts, is September 27, but the state of health may deteriorate even before this date or after it.

During a geomagnetic storm, it is advisable not to be in open sunlight. It will be possible to go for walks only in the morning or evening. In the morning, you must definitely do exercises and take a contrast shower, and in the evening lying in a warm bath. In a dangerous period, you need to do everything possible to avoid stressful situations, unnecessary physical exertion. If we talk about nutrition, then in this case the recommendations will be universal. You need to drink as much water as possible, exclude harmful sweets, salty and spicy foods from the diet. Also, do not drink alcohol, coffee, or smoke.


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