Legendary fascist cruiser found off Norwegian coast

(ORDO NEWS) — For a long time, experts wondered where the ship of the Third Reich fleet could disappear. Recently, the story acquired a logical conclusion: the remains of the famous ship “Karlsruhe”, sunk 80 years ago, were found off the coast of Norway, reports WWW.PLANETANOVOSTI.COM.

The ship from the Second World War was found at a depth of almost half a kilometer, 24 kilometers from the coastline. According to Reuters, experts were able to identify the vessel from images of its hull, which were taken by deep-sea sonars. The vessel was identified only due to the position of its gun turrets.

The ship was spotted by power grid operator Statnett. The find was located just fifteen meters from the company’s power cable, which has been in operation since 1977. The cable connecting Norway and Denmark would have been laid further if construction workers knew what was hidden under the water during construction work.

The ship was made in the 1920s, and after the seizure of power by Hitler, it was decorated with a swastika and sent to the Nazi troops. In the picture taken, it is quite possible to recognize the fascist symbols. The length of the ship is 174 meters.

04/09/1940 “Karlsruhe” took part in the capture of the port settlement of Kristiansand (Norway) but came under serious fire. The ship managed to survive, he even then made his way into the harbor of the city. It is this moment that is considered the official invasion of Norway by the Nazis.

On the same day, April 9, the ship headed back to Germany but was not destined to return: the British submarine “Truant” fired a torpedo, which sank the ship. 11 crew members were killed.

For eighty years, historians have wondered where the cruiser Karlsruhe disappeared. Only recently it was possible to find out this: now the experts have not only the exact coordinates but also pictures of the ship.


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