14 antimatter objects may be lurking in the Milky Way

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have found 14 objects that aroused particular interest. Most likely they all have antimatter. Electromagnetic radiation with very high energy levels has been detected on a gamma-ray map of the sky. Now these 14 objects are in the general attention of scientists.

This is reported by Phisical Review D.

If these data are confirmed by astrophysicists, then for the first time we will be able to see real anti-stars. The discovery can be the key to solving a great mystery. First, everything that surrounds us is created from matter.

Theoretically, we can assume that there is also anti-matter (all with a negative charge). Let’s consider this on the example of an object and its reflection in a mirror. For example, you are matter, and your reflection in the mirror is antimatter. Scientists have been trying to extract antimatter on the Great Hadron Colider for several years, but they cannot. And then there is such a great opportunity – to take it in space.

Scientists believe that before the Big Bang, the amount of matter and anatymatter was the same. As a result, in a collision, the first absorbed the second. If it suddenly turns out that there is antimatter in space, then the creation of new universes is possible.

But it is very difficult to detect anti-stars, they behave just like ordinary stars. Their only difference is in the charge. It is simply impossible to detect them without special equipment. Finding 14 anti-stars is a huge rarity. Only in the Milky Way, out of millions of celestial bodies, two stars are in question.

Now astronomers are actively observing new objects in the hope that there will be no big explosions. Otherwise, they will destroy everything around.


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