World’s first Egyptian mummy of a pregnant woman found

(ORDO NEWS) — An amazing mummy was found in the city of Thebes. It was kept at the National Museum in Warsaw. Researchers have only recently begun to study it. And what they found inside the mummified body shocked them.

Reported by Naukaw Polsce.

Scientists have found that the mummy in the past was a woman for 20 years. When they began to examine her in more detail, it turned out that the woman was pregnant. There was indeed a fruit inside her. This is the first ever found pregnant mummy in the world. Her story is extraordinary and amazing. Found the mummy in the 1800s. She died over 2000 years ago. There lived a girl during the reign of Queen Cleopatra.

The body was mummified and wrapped in expensive cloth. Amulets with the image of the four sons of the god Horus were found next to her. Archaeologists think she was from a noble family. Until recently, it was thought that it was the mummy of a male priest. But only modern technologies and opportunities helped to reveal the amazing truth.

The gestation period is 26-30 weeks. Wojciech Eismond was doing research. He decided to scan the mummy. Wojciech suggests that the fetus was not recovered because it did not have time to be born. A child without a name could not go to the afterlife according to ancient legends.

This discovery is unique, if only because today there is very little information about the status of pregnant women and unborn children. Now they plan to scan 42 more mummies in museums in Poland.


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