10,000-year-old UFO rock carvings puzzled by archaeologists

(ORDO NEWS) — In 2014, scientists found a network of caves 30 kilometers from Raipur, India. Only one thing attracted the attention of specialists there – the mysterious rock paintings of UFOs.

Someone has depicted UFOs and “green men” on the walls of the cave, said archaeologist JR Bhagata. The illustrations got everyone thinking, as the plots resembled scenes from Hollywood films.

The analysis showed that the drawings are about 10 thousand years old. If ancient people really left them, it means that in the past humanity had the same ideas about aliens as today. Perhaps the UFO is a figment of someone’s fantasy. And, as a result, imaginations have become massive, spreading around the world.

So far, archaeologists have not commented on the find in any way, since no research has taken place. Scientists publish only guesses. One of them is that ancient people fantasized about the existence of other civilizations.

In the pictures, incomprehensible creatures are holding in their hands something that looks like a weapon. The creatures do not have a nose or mouth; in some drawings, they are depicted in comic costumes.

Scientists have the opportunity to examine the find in detail: despite the time, the saturation of the paint has been preserved, the images are clearly visible. What the ancient people had in mind is a mystery that experts will try to solve. The creatures bear a striking resemblance to the modern interpretation of aliens. Maybe our alien fantasies really drag on through the millennia.


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