Bill Gates presented a global forecast for 2021: what awaits humanity

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(ORDO NEWS) — Bill Gates has become famous for his accurate forecasts in recent years, so many have listened to the next “prediction” for the next year. So, first a wave of tension and worsening of the situation will follow, and then – recovery.

Until the end of the year, the coronavirus epidemic will only get worse. The number of cases will rise sharply due to lower air temperatures and the presence of large families in unventilated rooms. Autumn will not be the most rosy season of the year. The situation will begin to improve in early 2021: the first effective drugs based on monoclonal antibodies will appear. These antibodies trigger a response in the body.

Vaccines are on the way. Two or three options will appear soon: they are going through the last third phase of testing and, most likely, will be approved. Only then will it be possible to defeat the pandemic when all countries are involved in the campaign for widespread vaccination.

The coronavirus has also contributed to the accelerated development of RNA vaccines, Gates said. They will help prevent a possible future pandemic, if, of course, it takes place in the lives of people. RNA vaccines are much simpler, versatile, and do not require the entire pathogen.

I took into account Bill Gates and environmental issues. So, not only cars are to blame for global climate change, but also buildings. A lot of cement is needed for construction, and its production is impossible without significant emissions.

In general, the world is getting better. People began to appreciate what they have more, began to take care of each other. Scientists continue to present new methods of fighting various dangerous diseases, including cancer. Even in the last century, the mortality rate of children under the age of five was 30%, and today in the civilized world it is at a reasonable level.


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