Giant bubble appeared near the Sun: the object was captured by the NASA observatory

(ORDO NEWS) — For several months now, the Sun has been actively observed by amateurs and professional astronomers. People post various anomalies they saw on the forums, which are not easy to explain.

During the observations on our luminary, anything happened: huge spheres, gigantic laser beams and objects that could be alien spaceships appeared. The last thing observers noticed was a bubble of incredible proportions. It was preceded by the fall of an unknown object. According to some reports, it could be a comet or an asteroid.

Astronomers note that the Sun is so large that when even the Earth hits it, no flares will follow, especially on the opposite side. The density of the star is so great that light takes millennia to traverse an object.

The frames show that the size of the body was not very large (a few tens of kilometers maximum), while some way on the back side of the star there was an ejection of solar matter. Scientists do not exclude that this is just a coincidence.

Observation of the Sun is carried out by NASA Observatory. Experts do not see any significant event, therefore they do not plan to understand what happened. Caring amateur astronomers will continue to discuss the phenomena on the Sun in various thematic forums.


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