Your facial expressions can tell what kind of beer you like a strange experiment of the Japanese

(ORDO NEWS) — Many people don’t like the taste of beer. This is due to the bitterness that our body takes for a “dangerous” taste. However, some people pretend to like beer. Scientists from Japan have learned how to expose these liars!

The new work was carried out by four scientists from Brewing Science Laboratories, a research lab owned by brewing giant Asahi in Ibaraki, Japan.

Determining exactly whether a taster likes a drink or not before it hits the market is extremely important, according to the team. It is important for manufacturers to conduct tests, but tasters are not always honest enough.

They may be biased. Alas, this may affect the popularity of the drink in the future. That is why Brewing Science Laboratories scientists have learned to “read” the opinion of people’s facial expressions.

How was the study

For the study, the team invited 151 people who tasted three different types of beer. 50 participants were Asahi employees while 101 were members of the public. All volunteers drank beer at least once a week, but had not previously taken part in tastings.

Since the question of whether participants liked beer could lead to inaccurate answers, the researchers asked them the following: “How many cans of each product would you like to take home (out of 10 possible)?”.

The researchers figured that the beer that the participants chose to take home in the largest quantity would be the one they enjoyed the most.

During the tasting, volunteers were recorded on cameras. After the experiment, the scientists analyzed the facial expressions of all participants. So it found several facial expressions, but only two had a clear correlation with beer selection.

As it turns out, “lip sucking” (as if a person says “mmm”) indicates that he likes the drink. But the “squeezing of the lips” suggests otherwise.

Your facial expressions can tell what kind of beer you like a strange experiment of the Japanese 2


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