Why pizza is round and pizza box is square

(ORDO NEWS) — Some people like Italian pizza on a thin crust, others prefer a more fluffy American pizza with lots of toppings! But no matter what type of person you are, everyone knows that a round takeaway treat is sure to be packaged in a square box.

In fact, there are several reasons for such packaging. First , square boxes are easier to make and store. It’s not even just about the “stencil” itself, imagine how difficult it is to assemble a round box on the spot! Many pizzerias have hours when an extra minute to assemble the packaging can play a cruel joke.

Secondly , there is an empty space inside the square box. It helps you to carefully remove the pizza, because if it fits snugly against the edges of the package, you could easily get burned.

The space in the corners can also be used to store additional items, such as the sauce that often comes with pizza.

It is important to understand that a square box is both more stable and harder to break, since all of its sides are bent at an angle. In a round box, the planes would already be slightly “crumpled”.

Has anyone made round boxes?

Why pizza is round and pizza box is square 2

In fact, many companies sold pizza in round packages. And one of them is… Apple! In 2010, a phone and computer firm filed a patent for a round pizza box.

This pizza container is intended for personal use by company employees. It is currently only available in the food courts of Apple offices. Employees can take the pizza in this box and eat it at their workplace!


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