World Health Organization or Chinese lobby?

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — For a long time there has been debate about whether the wildlife market really became the source of the spread of coronavirus or whether the virus is of laboratory origin. Specialists express different versions in this regard. Some speculated that the virus could have accidentally spread from a viral laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

The World Health Organization (WHO), having intervened in this dispute, categorically stated that the virus was not released from the laboratory and its place of distribution is the wildlife market in Wuhan.

The fact that WHO makes such a statement and intervenes in the discussion on this topic is not surprising. But it is noteworthy that, in saying this, WHO gives the green light to China, after taking the necessary measures, to again open the markets for wildlife, from where the virus spread. Thus, this organization is trying to clear the way for the policy that China will pursue in this direction.

WHO justifies its position by the fact that these markets provide livelihoods for millions of people. But are there really hundreds of thousands of deaths due to the spread of this virus, millions of people whose lives are in danger, severe wounds inflicted on the economies of different countries, and in this regard the impoverishment of millions of people – all this, in the opinion of this organization, does not matter?

WHO, which gives the green light to the resumption of the wildlife markets in China, is at the same time strongly opposed to the European countries where the epidemic has declined, began to move towards normalization. “Do not rush, you may face a new wave of disease,” she scares.

Nevertheless, due to the complete stoppage of work of various industries in many countries against the background of the epidemic, millions of people lost their sources of income, economies received a heavy blow. In this regard, it is now necessary, on the one hand, to continue to fight the disease, and on the other, to start the normalization process to restore economies. There are examples of a number of countries that, apparently, manage to get positive results.

Moreover, at the beginning of the spread of the epidemic, the same WHO, completely relaying the rhetoric of China, first claimed that this virus is not transmitted from person to person. Then, when it became clear that this was not the case, the organization said there was no cause for concern, China’s efforts were admirable and he did everything possible to take control of the outbreak. The director general of the organization, a native of Ethiopia, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus) visited China and said that all the necessary work is being done to bring the epidemic under control.

The announcement that this infectious disease is a pandemic is also a lot too late. However, if even more serious steps had been taken at the very beginning and more strengthened measures were taken to contain the epidemic.

Some states, notably the United States, stated that an important role in the rapid spread of the epidemic was played by the fact that WHO did not give timely warnings.

We see that the WHO, which at first did not take what was happening seriously, singing along with China, is now actively lobbying to ensure that countries do not go along the path of normalization to restore their economies.

It is believed that the ongoing steps and statements of WHO in the interests of China are largely due to the influence that China has on this organization. It is also assumed that this influence was obtained, among other things, due to the fact that China and Russia played an important role in the election of the current General Director of the organization of Gebreisus to this post. And, as it becomes clear, at the time of an important event that shocked the whole world, this person fulfilled his duty of loyalty to China.


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