Woman got pregnant twice in a week

(ORDO NEWS) — Alina Luka, a 30-year-old resident of the suburban area of ​​Beckton in East London, became pregnant twice in a week, contrary to doctors’ forecasts. The history of the British publishes the Daily Mail.

Luka dreamed of a large family, but could not get pregnant a second time due to hypothyroidism (a decrease in thyroid function).

Doctors noted that she had only a five percent chance of becoming a mother again. After several unsuccessful attempts, she and her husband decided to give up and focus on raising their first child.

However, during a routine ultrasound, doctors discovered that the British woman was pregnant with twins, which were conceived a week apart.

The rare occurrence in which an egg is fertilized by a sperm cell and implanted in the uterus a second time, just a few days or weeks after the first time, is called superfetation. The publication notes that children in the womb are not twins.

On March 15, Luka gave birth to two daughters, whom she named Ellie and Millie. The girls were born at 35 weeks with almost identical height and weight.

It was previously reported that in the US, four best friends became pregnant almost at the same time and gave birth to children who became best friends. The coincidences did not end there, and about a year later, all four women were again in position.


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