Will the world end in 2020?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In 2020, the end of the world has never been associated with the mysterious planet Nibiru: there were many other reasons for the most terrible prophecies.

The question of when the end of the world will always concern mankind. However, in 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, gloomy prophecies of ufologists and news about the meteorite, interest in this topic increased sharply. We are trying to figure out whether the world will end in 2020 and what threatens humanity.

The end of the world – 2020 due to the parade of planets

Foreign ufologists predict the end of the world in September 2020 due to a parade of planets, writes TerrNews. It is reported that this event was predicted in antiquity, and it is very rare: at least four planets line up once every millions of years.

However, scientists at the ufologists are “upset”: they say that the gravitational influence of other planets on Earth is minimal and is not capable of causing global catastrophes on our planet.

The end of the world in 2020 is the biblical Armageddon

In 1973, American astrologer Gene Dixon predicted the mystical end of the world in 2020, according to Days.ru with reference to the British portal Unilad.

“Armageddon will come in 2020, when the false prophet, Satan and the Antichrist will rise and fight with man,” the astrologer wrote.

Gene Dixon is credited with predicting the killing of John F. Kennedy and the death of the Apollo 1 mission. But at the same time, she allegedly promised that by 1967, humanity would defeat cancer, and in 1958 the Third World War would begin.

According to the Gospel of Matthew, even the Son of God does not know the date of his second coming and the end of the world: “Nobody knows the day or hour, nor the angels of heaven, but only my Father alone” (Matthew 24:36). Therefore, trusting the prophets of the biblical Apocalypse is certainly not worth it.

The end of the world in 2020 due to a virus

In 2020, the so-called “pandemic prophets” appeared, unian.net writes. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, interest in predictions and prophecies jumped sharply. For example, the psychic book of Sylvia Brown, entitled “End of Days: Predictions and Prophecies about the End of the World” got into second place in the Amazon ranking and sold for hundreds of dollars.

“Around 2020, a terrible pneumonia-like disease will spread throughout the world. It will harm the lungs and bronchi, and no treatment will work,” the book says. “The most amazing thing is that the disease disappears as abruptly and quickly as and appeared. The attack will recur in ten years, and then the disease will disappear forever.”

In addition, the predictions of Nostradamus and Wang about the coronavirus have been violated on the Internet and the media.

On Channel One, they told about the prediction made by the blind Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga: “The light will turn over in the year of the mirror and the earth will come from the yellow,” the old disease will take millions of lives.”

In addition, a prediction allegedly written by the French astrologer Nostradamus began to spread actively on the Internet:

“The great plague in the coastal city will not stop until the death and blood of the righteous, taken and condemned without crime, and of a noble lady insulted by pretense,” the prophecy quotes usolie.info.

The prediction found interpreters. Assume that the “noble lady” is the former Minister of Health of China Wu Yi (Wu), writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. In 2003, she organized the fight against SARS, said LIFE. There are more versions with the “righteous”: allegedly it is about the murder of a Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi or the prosecution of Uighurs accused of separatism.

End of the world on April 29, 2020 due to a meteorite

In April, the Internet media actively discussed the threat of a meteorite. The media took advantage of what NASA called the meteorite “potentially dangerous,” and began to exaggerate this topic. In fact, the space organization calls all the objects crossing the Earth’s orbit. And there was practically no chance that it would fall to Earth – 1 case out of 50,000.

The end of the world in 2020, according to the UN

The UN Secretary General said that people themselves are nearing a possible end of the world for our civilization. “Our world is approaching a point of no return,” his edition of Dni.ru quotes him with reference to TASS.

The four “riders” of this Apocalypse are, he said, geopolitical tensions, an existential climate crisis, global distrust and the “reverse side of the digital world” (technology is developing faster than humanity has time to comprehend the progress made).


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