Will stay with us for a long time: experts told how much longer we will wear masks

(ORDO NEWS) — The director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Robert Redfield, noted that masks are the best protection so far, which cannot be found an alternative. Some experts believe that even after the vaccine appears, people will continue to wear masks.

Masks provide the best and most reliable protection. The American authorities will continue to urge people to wear them in absolutely all institutions. All this is necessary for the safety of every citizen.

At the moment, masks offer more guarantees than a vaccine. The vaccine is effective only in 70% of cases. It does not work on 30% of people, so they can infect people without even knowing it. Outwardly, a person can be completely healthy, but be a carrier of the virus.

Another point is the shortage of vaccines. At first, there will not be enough funds for everyone, so people will continue to use traditional methods of protection – masks. The doses of the vaccine will primarily go to the people in greatest need. These populations include healthcare workers, the elderly, and people with serious illnesses.

The vaccine will most likely be administered twice with an interval of 21-28 days. This means that it will take at least two months to obtain immunity against the coronavirus. In theory, infection is possible after the first dose of the vaccine, so wearing a mask remains mandatory.

Experts do not yet know how to develop immunity in the remaining 30% of the population. If the vaccine cannot be improved, people will have to continue wearing masks. No vaccine in the world has been 100% effective. The task of scientists is to try to bring this indicator to the maximum value. The virus will continue to spread successfully if people stop wearing masks.

Separately, it should be noted that scientists do not know how long the effect of the vaccine will last. Maybe it will be short-term. Then the rejection of masks will definitely contribute to a new epidemic.


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