While the doctors trying to bring the boy back to life, he left the body and spoke to the ambulance driver

(ORDO NEWS) — All this happened in 1975. Then Michael M. was still a schoolboy. The boy walked along the snow-covered roadside, slipped and hit the road. He did not manage to get up and was hit by a truck.

Michael said that he only experienced real horror for a second, and only then he began to look at himself from above. The medics bent over his body and tried to take off his shirt. But this did not interest him and he moved to the seat next to the driver. Michael began to tell him that he was driving down this street to class, but the driver paid no attention to him. At the same time, he did not feel the difference when he was outside the body. It seemed to him that nothing had changed, but at the same time it began to annoy him that no one was reacting to him.

Suddenly the boy heard someone calling his name, looked at his body and began to feel that it was tightening him. Michael came to himself already in the hospital. He had a concussion, one broken collarbone, ribs and arms. There were also many bruises and cuts. He was able to survive, but the way he left his own body was remembered for his whole life.

At the age of 17, he accidentally saw a program that told about a near-death experience and told his mother that this is exactly what he experienced during the accident. What is surprising in this situation is that the boy did not notice any difference, nor did he feel anything when he left his body.

After what happened, Michael changed his attitude towards death and life. He began to understand people better and talks about the fact that sometimes he can even read the thoughts of those with whom he communicates. In addition, he has stopped practicing any religion and believes that the funeral industry is just a way to get rich quick.


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