New evidence emerged that the Americans were not on the moon

(ORDO NEWS) — To this day, experts and ordinary people argue as to whether the Americans were actually on the moon. Independent researchers put forward a huge number of various hypotheses, the explanation of which appears only over time. Now Internet users have decided to consider in more detail those images of the lunar surface that were obtained by the Americans.

On the Internet, they are actively discussing a certain strange detail that was noticed in the photographs of the lunar surface. The pictures were taken at different times and by different countries. Users are sure that the Americans did not actually land on the moon and are deceiving everyone.

An independent researcher, who is registered under the nickname Photo-vlad, analyzed the photos taken by the USSR, the USA and China and found a noticeable difference between them. If you look closely at the photographs provided by the Americans, the soil on the surface of the Moon is gray and very much like cement.

New evidence has emerged that the Americans were not on the moon 2

Some time ago, the PRC landed its probe on the lunar surface and provided the first pictures. The satellite’s soil is brownish brown. The same color of the ground was in the photos taken in the USSR.

After analyzing the data obtained, the researcher came to the conclusion that the Americans did not land on the surface of the satellite and took pictures in some of the pavilions erected on Earth. Or the Chinese have lowered their probe in some other place on the moon, which has a brownish-brown soil.

Another difference is what can be seen in the photos of the Americans, how dust swirls on the surface. In the images of the Chinese, it is noticeable that the satellite’s surface looks more like a dense crust.


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