When dinosaurs became birds

(ORDO NEWS) — Many people believe that dinosaurs became extinct 66 million years ago.

However, this is not entirely true, because modern birds are evolved dinosaurs. But when did the moment come when the bird became a bird?

To understand how birds are related to dinosaurs, think of bats. These bats are mammals like humans, horses, cats or capybaras.

Likewise, birds are such a strange modified type of dinosaurs that evolution “decided” to endow with the means for flight (although not all of them).

When dinosaurs became birds

When did the birds appear

Birds are the result of the evolution of velociraptors, which were a genus of small predatory dinosaurs. The oldest known find of a winged dinosaur, Archeopteryx, dates back 150 million years.

This animal, most likely, could fly using the flapping of its feathered wings. The size of this feathered dinosaur was not too large – about the size of a modern pigeon.

It should be borne in mind that Archaeopteryx was already well formed 150 million years ago, which means that it went through a long evolutionary process.

Therefore, scientists suggest that the first bird could take to the air as early as 170 million years ago.

It may also turn out that dinosaurs were warm-blooded and could have quite bright colors.


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