Dinosaur’s leg was found in the US

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(ORDO NEWS) — The remains of a dinosaur were found in North Dakota. Archaeologists believe that the cause of his death was the asteroid that provoked the death of all the ancient reptiles on Earth. Reports about it The Guardian.

To date, scientists believe that 66 million years ago a huge asteroid fell to Earth, the diameter of which reached 12 kilometers. He killed many living beings on the planet. A space stone fell in the area where the Gulf of Mexico is today, next to the island of Yucatan.

It is worth noting that the remains are almost 3 thousand kilometers from the place where the asteroid fell. His blow was so powerful that the effects were visible throughout the Earth.

The dinosaur’s leg has survived incredibly well. It even had skin left. Experts note that the animal died right on the day the cosmic body fell, because the deposits found debris that appeared as a result of the fall of the asteroid.

Paul Barrett noted that scientists have previously had no information on what a tiscelosaurus skin looks like. After this discovery, it became clear that these ancient creatures were covered with scales in the same way as those lizards that live today.

They had no feathers. It is worth noting that this tescelosaurus was torn off by a shock wave, because no traces of disease or attack of a predator could be found.

In addition, fish fossils were found in which rock particles were stuck in their gills. The fish inhaled these particles after they got into a huge amount of water after hitting a space stone. Many particles were also found in the wood, the analysis of which demonstrated their extraterrestrial origin.

This has been further evidence that all these fossils can be attributed to the period of the asteroid’s destruction of animals.

To other finds, experts attribute the fossils of the turtle, many mammals, and even the embryo of a pterosaur, forever frozen inside the egg. Interestingly, the scientists were able to perform a chemical analysis of the shell and, apparently, it was soft. Accordingly, the female pterosaura could hide an egg in the ground, like modern turtles.


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