WhatsApp users warned of new threat

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — WhatsApp users are at risk of a new type of online fraud that could result in them losing access to their account. The essence of the scheme was described by Forbes columnist Zack Doffman.

The journalist recalled that WhatsApp uses the phone number as the unique identifier associated with the account. If the user has changed the smartphone or reinstalled the application, the messenger must make sure that the new device is actually associated with its number. To confirm, use the 6-digit code that comes via SMS.

The new “wiring” is to entice the user into the same code. According to Doffman, for this, the attackers learned to fake messages that supposedly come from the WhatsApp administration or from one of the “friends”.

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Typically, scammers write from a hacked account on WhatsApp or Facebook, introduce themselves as acquaintances, complain about the inability to log in to their account and ask them to send them a verification code sent to their user number instead of their own. However, in reality, the victim does not transmit the alien code, but his own.

As a result, attackers will gain access to all new messages that will begin to arrive on the stolen account. The old correspondence will remain untouched because it is synchronized through a backup stored on Google Drive or iCloud.

For enhanced protection against hacking, users are strongly encouraged to enable two-factor authentication. This function requires that each input is additionally confirmed with a password. So, even if the code from SMS was stolen, hackers will not be able to log into your account.


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