UEFA joins anti-racist rally

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — UEFA joins online campaign against racism The action takes place against the backdrop of riots that erupted in the United States.

UEFA joins anti racist rally

On Tuesday, an action of solidarity with the black population of the United States. A lot of sports clubs and athletes published a dark background on their pages on social networks. The official UEFA Twitter post “Say no to racism. Together we are stronger.”

Riots in the United States caused by the killing by police of a black resident of Minneapolis George Floyd. A wave of protest swept through many cities and states.

Biden – Trump: you need to at least occasionally open the Bible, and not swing it

The most likely candidate in the November presidential election, former US Vice President Joe Biden, gave advice to incumbent head of state Donald Trump. He criticized Trump for a photo near the Church of St. John after the dispersal of protesters at the White House.

“The President kept the Bible in St. John’s Church yesterday. I would like him to open it from time to time instead of just waving it,” Biden said. “If he would open a book, he could learn something.” We are all called to love one another just as we love ourselves. It’s really hard work, but it’s America’s work.”

On June 1, 2020, Trump went to Lafayette Square after speaking in the White House Rose Garden with a speech on anti-rioting in the United States, surrounded by journalists and guards. An hour before Trump entered Lafayette Square, police dispersed people protesting in front of the White House with light-noise grenades and tear gas.

Trump went to the parish building of the Church of St. John, holding the Bible in his right hand. The President of the United States lifted the Bible above his head and then declared that the riots would be over and America would become even greater.

This outraged Biden. According to him, the dispersal of protesters at the White House in order to take a photo in one of the most historic churches in Washington shows that Trump is more interested in power than in principles. Trump’s rival for the White House believes that Donald Trump is more interested in meeting the needs of his electorate, and not all the people who are under his care.

“I will not allow any president to drown out the voices of people and I will not allow those who see the protests to wreak havoc and lift the smoke screen to distract the country from the real problems that underlie these demonstrations,” said Joe Biden.

A wave of protests and riots swept through American cities after a policeman strangled 44-year-old African American George Floyd in Minneapolis. He allegedly paid a fake $ 20 bill in a store, and then resisted law enforcement officers in a police car. A video in which a policeman puts a knee on the man’s neck, despite prayers and requests not to kill him, went around all the TV channels.

Four police officers were fired only after the riots began . One of the ex-policemen was accused of reckless killing. In his track record, there were 18 cases of abuse of authority .

Republicans and Democrats inevitably use the events in Minneapolis in the presidential race for the White House.

Trump called on governors to dominate the streets

The US is ready to resort to military assistance to suppress riots, Donald Trump said. He threatened the organizers with prison sentences. Actions against police brutality after the death of African American George Floyd have been going on for more than a week, they have covered more than 250 cities of the country. Often, rallies are accompanied by looting and robbery.

A quiet square near the White House and a peacefully walking president … Only graffiti on the walls and the very purpose of the walk remind of the mass protests here on the lawn of Trump’s residence – Trump went to inspect the Church of St. John, which is also called the presidential. It was set on fire the day before during the riots in Washington. After such a robbery, the US president could not avoid a direct appeal to the nation.

“I will mobilize all available federal resources – civilian and military, to stop riots and looting, put an end to destruction and arson, and protect the rights of law-abiding Americans, including your rights under the Second Amendment – to store and carry weapons,” US President Donald Trump – Today I strongly recommended that each governor deploy enough National Guard to dominate the streets. Mayors and governors must ensure that law enforcement is overwhelmed until the violence is suppressed. If the city or state refuses to take the necessary action to protect the lives and property of their inhabitants, I will deploy the US military and quickly solve the problem for them. ”

He threatened Trump with prison terms to the organizers of the riots. In the meantime, the president was broadcasting, a crowd of protesters in neighboring streets opposed the police. Law enforcement officers pushed them as a living wall from the residence of the president, threw noise grenades and tear gas.

Clashes did not stop with the onset of curfew in the capital – Washington, among more than 40 American cities, decided to extend the restrictions. In total, protests spanned more than 250 municipalities in all states.

Policemen join some actions – they kneel in solidarity with the protesters. But this is only where stones and bottles do not fly to law enforcement officers.

In most situations, the protests are completely different. In California, a policeman launched a baton against activists standing still. In Texas, they switched to rubber bullets for no apparent reason. In Philadelphia, law enforcement officers on bicycles, surrounded by crowds, took up gas canisters. The protest was dispersed by gas and on one of the highways – several people who resisted the police went to the police station.

But the so-called protestors themselves do not remain in debt. In Manhattan, the massive robbery of expensive boutiques continues, everything is carried out – from expensive clothes to equipment. The police do not have time to detain the attackers.

In California, Auckland, the crowd staged a rout in the Mercedes-Benz saloon; one of the cars was set on fire right inside the building. Not only large and rich salons suffer, but also small shops. Those who dare to protect their business, get to the fullest. Sometimes just for too light skin tone. It is not surprising that, in contrast to the stones and reinforcement of looters, weapons appear in the hands of the owners of the institutions.

The family of the deceased George Floyd was not ready for such a development of events. The brother of the deceased went to protests in Minneapolis to call the crowd to calm. And most importantly – to peacefully assert their rights.

“What are you doing? Nothing! Because all this will not return my brother back. You may feel better for a moment, as if you had a drink. But when the hangover comes, you will be surprised that you did. My family is peaceful, God-fearing. But and we won’t give up. Every time a police chaos occurs, everything goes according to the same scenario. You go out to protests, organize riots. But nothing changes. It’s all because you need to act differently! You need to assert your rights in the election, “says Terrence Floyd, brother of the deceased George.

The Floyd family is waiting for the end of the protests to start the trial of the ex-policeman, whose actions led to the death of the man. While the trial is postponed due to riots. Law enforcement officers are accused only of causing death by negligence. An official forensic examination, meanwhile, confirmed that Floyd died of asphyxiation. Now his body will be handed over to the family for burial.


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