What would happen if all the nuclear bombs on Earth exploded at the same time

(ORDO NEWS) — Nothing foreshadowed trouble, but in an instant all the nuclear bombs on the planet exploded. Where will this lead the planet and humanity?

A bright flash of light – and the shock wave demolishes everything in its path. This means that all the nuclear bombs on Earth exploded at the same time. Over the next few minutes, everything on the planet will begin to collapse.

There are approximately 3,750 active nuclear warheads on Earth today. But in general, humanity has about 13,800 units of nuclear projectiles.

This number also includes the number of nuclear projectiles that are in reserve. And this is the number of bombs that will be activated at the same time.

The US possesses 90% of all nuclear weapons. There are several varieties of nuclear bombs, but in general they can be divided into thermonuclear bombs and fission bombs. They both take less than a second to explode.

Fission bombs create a nuclear explosion by splitting the nuclei of atoms. Thermonuclear bombs will take a few milliseconds longer to detonate.

The main difference between such bombs and fission bombs is that they split the nuclei of atoms and fuse these nuclei together. Because of this, more energy is generated and the explosion itself is more powerful.

What would happen if all the nuclear bombs on Earth exploded at the same time 2

The consequences of the explosion of bombs also depend on where they will be at that moment. If they are activated in the mines and on board the ships that carry them, then this destruction will only affect military installations.

In the radius of the explosion, the temperature will rise to 150 million degrees Fahrenheit, so in any case, no one will be able to survive in this case. The same goes for various structures: nothing will remain of them.

If a nuclear bomb were to explode at ground level, it would leave a crater 420 meters in diameter and approximately 91 meters deep. Anyone who looked at the flash of light at the time of the explosion would go blind.

10 seconds after all the nuclear bombs on the planet explode, objects that are within a radius of about 6.5 square miles will simply be torn apart due to the shock wave. Those who are further away will receive third-degree burns.

Depending on how close a person is to the explosion site, symptoms of radiation sickness may already begin in a few minutes.

After 5 minutes, those people who are far from the explosion will not have the slightest idea of ​​what is happening. The thing is that they will not have electricity or any other means of communication with the outside world. They will be destroyed by the blast.

After 15 minutes, radioactive debris will begin to settle on the surface of the planet. Also, fires will rage all over the Earth.

At this time, many people will die, as many more will begin to suffer from symptoms of radiation sickness. But in the end, everyone is waiting for the same thing: death from nuclear winter.

Within 30 minutes, radiation will begin to spread throughout the planet and seep into animals and plants, and the sky will continue to darken more and more. Nuclear winter itself will come in a month.


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