What happens if there is honey every day: doctors gave an answer

(ORDO NEWS) — How useful is the daily use of honey for food, will the natural product cause allergies? If you eat it right and don’t increase your daily allowance, you will only feel better. Honey contains the entire periodic table – that’s what they said before.

This was reported by RBC Ukraine.

Honey is the best product that nature could create. It helps with all diseases. Antioxidants contained in honey are a real elixir of youth and health. This is not only a boost of energy, honey is incredibly tasty. What is the safe dose for humans?

However, honey can cause allergies. Also, honey is sweetness, and excessive consumption of sweets can negatively affect the figure. Therefore, doctors recommend dosing the intake of sweets. And also carefully choose a product – today it is often diluted with sugar, there are no useful substances in fake honey.

What time of day is it better to eat honey? Nutritionists say that it is much healthier to consume it in the morning. As for the dosage – the recommended portion is 1-2 tbsp. spoons without a slide.

You can add it to warm tea, porridge, eat it on an empty stomach or in pure form.

If the concentrated product tastes too sweet for you, dilute it with warm water. Boiling water cannot be used, since it will simply cook all the useful substances. If you dilute a valuable product with too hot water, you will simply drink the sweet syrup.

If a person is allergic to bee stings, pollen, then the honey diet will not work for you.


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