Microbes can live under the surface of modern Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Microbes may be hiding under the surface of Mars. The geochemical studies carried out give scientists reason to believe that living microorganisms have moved to live in the depths. This was established thanks to the Perseverance rover. Moreover, new research shows that microbes live and thrive there.

Reported by New Atlas.

Previously, Mars seemed empty and lifeless. There were so many fantastic theories around this planet. Studies of recent decades have shown to man how much he does not know about space. Mars may well be inhabited. It’s just that scientists have not yet figured out who lives on this planet. But before the red planet was no different from the Earth.

Now it is an arid desert. However, water was recently found on Mars. And now the results of the study of the International Space Station show that microbes do not need such comfortable conditions for life as a person. Take, for example, tardigrades, they generally don’t care where to live: in the mouth of a volcano, in space, in a person.

Hardy life forms can exist on other planets without problems. They will not live on the surface of Mars. Indeed, on our planet there is a huge system of ecosystems of microbes that are found everywhere and everywhere. But in its depths the most favorable conditions for existence. It is hoped that when these microbes are found and examined, they will be kind.


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