What do soldiers eat in different armies of the world

(ORDO NEWS) — As you know, there is little you can do on an empty stomach, not to mention the defense of the fatherland. Therefore, the productivity of a soldier, and hence the success in a particular military operation, directly depends on his satiety, that is, on an individual diet (IRP).

The main thing here is not only to fill the stomach with calories, although this also plays an important role. But also to feed the warrior with delicious food, as far as it is generally possible in the field. Each country solves this problem in its own way.


Not only is the Mongolian army itself an exotic concept for most of us, but also the IRP of the local military will give odds to many NATO members. First, the packaging: everything is packaged (breakfast, lunch and dinner), neat and airtight.

Secondly, the composition includes wet wipes, dry wipes and even a paraffin candle, however, it is not clear why. From food – rice with stew, potatoes with meat and stewed vegetables, buckwheat with meat, a whole bunch of jams, a liquid concentrate of sea buckthorn. In Mongolia, they take good care of the descendants of Genghis Khan!

Great Britain

The British dry ration is designed for a day, consisting of two main meals and a snack – the standard for NATO. Beans with lamb curry, meatballs with pasta, tuna, pork sausages, scrambled eggs, corn and chicken soup and steak with vegetables are the main dishes.

For dessert, chocolate pudding, berry smoothie and cocoa. Among other things, the ration contains matches, chewing gum and water purification tablets. The total calorie intake of a dry ration is from 3800 to 4200 kilocalories.

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The wealthy city-state is staggering with economic growth and skyscrapers, but the military keeps it simple. Three IRP options to choose from: for Muslims, vegetarians and everyone else.

The first is noodles with chicken, beans for dessert, the second is vegetable stew instead of chicken, the rest is pork and ground beef. A meager ration is nevertheless quite satisfying: even a vegetarian set gains almost 4,000 kilocalories.


The US military has perhaps the most varied menu. Trying to please the widest possible range of the military, from religion to skin color, US military technologists have developed as many as 24 different dry rations.

Here you have fat-free mayonnaise, and barbecue pork, and oriental meat, and Mexican chicken. Almost every menu has nut butter, sweets, jam, chewing gum.

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The weight of a cardboard box with Danish IRP, designed for a day, is less than one and a half kilograms, which means, as in most cases, all the main dishes in it are freeze-dried.

The ration includes pasta bolognese, mackerel in tomato sauce, tuna, protein bars, chocolate, cocoa, instant fruit drinks, as well as matches and cutlery. In total, it runs into 3783 kilocalories.


A standard one and a half kilogram package is designed for a day, a dozen different sets are offered to choose from with an average energy value of about 3500-4000 kilocalories

In addition to the usual products, such as biscuits and water-soluble drinks, there is duck pie, Italian pasta salad with greens and pork in sauce, camembert.

Are you jealous? And that’s not all: rabbit casserole, paella, Creole pork and salmon pate. So that Monsieur always remains Monsieur, there is a pack of dry and wet wipes in the ration.

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Like most NATO dry rations, the German military’s IRP is designed for a day, it includes two main meals. In principle, nothing special: biscuits, goulash, sausages, “quick” porridge, and so on.

It is noteworthy that the dry ration itself does not include a burner or other heater, since according to the rules, every German soldier always has it with him. There are also a couple of garbage bags in the IRP.


A 2.7-kilogram IRP soldier from the Apennine Peninsula includes a chocolate bar, marmalade sweets, instant coffee, sugar and tea, a tube of condensed milk. From food in our understanding, there are ravioli, a can of canned sausages, a turkey in jelly, fruits in syrup.

There is a burner with a couple of tablets of dry alcohol, a water disinfectant and a set of vitamins. Plus, the ration includes three toothbrushes with toothpaste applied to them. But to hell with toothpaste – the Italians have 50 grams of strong alcohol in their dry rations to maintain morale. Not thick, but nice.

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