Your personality may depend on what you eat

(ORDO NEWS) — American researchers from Texas A&M University, together with their colleagues, have found that some of our personality traits and our behavior in general can be influenced by the bacteria living in our intestines.

As the saying goes, “you are what you eat”. For some reasons, the meaning of this phrase can be explained as follows: we as a person are shaped by the information that we consume. But there is another explanation, more mundane – we are literally influenced by our diet. And scientists agree with the last meaning.

How gut bacteria and diet are related

In fact, the food we eat determines the makeup of our gut microbiome. But the microbiome, in turn, can control our mental energy (ME), mental fatigue (MF), physical energy (PE), physical fatigue (PF). American scientists came to such results in the course of their new research.

Your personality may depend on what you eat scientists say 2

Fatigue is the main problem that interferes with work and impairs school performance. It is known that the feeling of fatigue can be caused by various diseases, but this issue is still poorly understood.

When someone says they are tired, most often it is attributed to a lack of energy. However, the results of some studies have shown that fatigue and lack of energy may be completely unrelated to each other. How is this possible?

Scientists already knew that the quality of nutrition or lack of it can influence the occurrence of fatigue. However, researchers from Texas A&M University (USA), along with their colleagues from other research centers, decided to go further and tried to find out if there is a relationship between the gut microbiome and our behavior.

During the study, experts conducted a survey among volunteers. He was to discover potential correlations between the gut microbiota and mental and physical energy and fatigue.

The results showed that our diet can influence the appearance of certain bacteria in the intestines, which, in turn, can control our condition: mental and physical activity, as well as fatigue.


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