Western doctors sound the alarm: the number of children with Kawasaki syndrome has risen sharply

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In the United States and several European countries, dozens of children were hospitalized with a rare disease. It’s about the so-called Kawasaki syndrome. Doctors note that the course of the disease is comparable to severe forms of COVID-19 .

Mysterious disease dangerous for children – American media are full of scary headlines. The description of the disease is even worse: an acute form of fever, swollen lymph nodes, swelling of the hands and feet. In New York, 15 minors have already been hospitalized with such complications. Some also confirmed coronavirus. All are alive, but five needed ventilators and most needed blood pressure.

Symptoms that usually occur in toxic shock or Kawasaki syndrome have also been found in children in France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Most often, patients are less than 5 years old, and these are mostly boys. The disease destroys the immune system and leads to vascular inflammation, including the coronary arteries. The problem is also that treatment takes longer than with COVID -19. Acute fever can last up to 2 weeks, and on average a child recovers in no less than 5 weeks. This diagnosis was made very rarely before, and this is the main danger. Doctors often cannot recognize Kawasaki syndrome due to a lack of experience in treating such patients. And how it is associated with coronavirus is an open and completely unexplored question.

“It is important to say that it was previously established that only a small number of children can seriously become ill with COVID-19. But in the UK, there have been cases of a disease that is very similar to the rare Kawasaki syndrome. It can turn into a lot of side effects. And doctors should study any new symptoms and their association with coronavirus, “explained Dr. Russell Wiener, president of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health.

Meanwhile, the UK came in second after the United States in the number of victims of coronavirus. There is quarantine in the country, but not all comply with it. Neil Ferguson – an epidemiologist at Imperial College London, who has stood up for such severe restrictions – did not last a month. I really wanted to meet my mistress. Violation of the quarantine imposed with his participation cost Ferguson a post.

“I admit that I made a mistake and behaved incorrectly, so I stopped participating in the emergency scientific advisory group. I acted in the belief that I had immunity after I received a positive coronavirus test and spent two weeks on self-isolation, “repents Neil Ferguson, epidemiologist at Imperial College London.

In addition to undisciplined doctors, another problem appeared in London – an increase in the number of homeless people, and among foreign citizens. They came to the UK to earn money, but because of the pandemic, they were left without work, and as a result, without a roof over their heads. They cannot return to their homeland; there are no air flights. And now, on Trafalgar Square, instead of organized groups of tourists, there are queues for free food.

In London, they promised to provide those in need with temporary housing – to put them in wooden houses. But all of them may simply not be enough. In Scotland, too, they tried to find a way out and allocated hotels for homeless people. True, not for long.

In accordance with legislative changes introduced during the crisis, Scots will be prohibited from placing people without a fixed place of residence in hotels for a week after the removal of measures to combat coronavirus.

The problem of the unemployed is the new realities not only of Great Britain, but of the rest of Europe. The European Commission has already announced that unemployment will rise to 9 percent. And the economic shock through which Europe has to go is the strongest in history.

In Hungary, meanwhile, human rights organizations sounded the alarm. On Human Rights Watch, which monitors human rights violations in 70 countries, an article has appeared stating that hospital patients have been driven out to free beds for coronavirus patients.

The order of the authorities was aimed at the release of 36,000 beds. Although the exact figure is difficult to name, the Hungarian government did not provide this information. Some of the patients who were kicked out are ill with cancer, others suffer from chronic illnesses and need constant care. Volunteers said that one patient was sent home with an open wound on his stomach.

After such a “sweeping” of the hospital – already 9 people died from lack of medical care in Hungary. The official Budapest has not yet commented on the criticism of human rights defenders.


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