Video with a cubic UFO filmed by a plane pilot

(ORDO NEWS) — The pilot of an Airbus A320 flying over Medellin (Colombia) looked out of the cockpit window and noticed a real UFO among the clouds. The man quickly grabbed his smartphone and began filming this unusual phenomenon.

He first pointed his phone’s camera at his altimeter, which shows he was flying at about 30,000 feet, and then pointed it towards the mysterious object. A strange metal object with a geometric shape flew in the opposite direction at high speed.

Researchers at Proof Is Out There on the History Channel carefully examined the footage, zooming in to make sure the ship was shaped like a cube. They then interviewed various experts about the video.

One researcher suggested that the UFO is between 3 and 5 meters in diameter, but its structure is not like any terrestrial flying object. The video analyst believes that the UFO flight looks genuine, but the question arises how the pilot managed to figure out to enlarge the object.

An aeronautical expert believes the object is too slow to be an aircraft or missile and said it does not look like a drone. At first he suggested that it could be a solar sphere, but immediately dismissed this version, since they really do not survive at such a high altitude. He admits, “I don’t have a good explanation.” He then classifies the video as one of the “genuine UFOs”.

The commentators mostly agree with the expert’s opinion and explain that the pilot could have reacted and brought him closer because he already saw him and immediately grabbed the phone. Many believe that a UFO is an alien probe that was sent to Earth to collect samples or conduct surveillance.

It is also interesting to note that Navy FA-18 fighter pilots saw similar cubic UFOs at a height of 10 kilometers off the east coast a few years ago. The Department of Defense is still figuring out what those objects were.


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