VIDEO: In Colombia, a security guard was attacked by something invisible

(ORDO NEWS) — The mayor of a small town located in Colombia posted a video on his page on the social network, which puzzled and at the same time shocked many users. It is noticeable how something invisible, resembling a ghost, attacks his guard.

Reported by the New York Post.

Jose Manuel Rios Morales posted a video on August 3 and added that he is convinced that faith has great power. The official added that the strange attack happened directly in his office while the guard was on a night patrol.

The video is one minute long. On it you can see a guard who slowly moves along the corridor, and then sharply crashes into the wall. One gets the impression that he was pushed there by some very strong creature, which is not noticeable in the video.

After that, the guard tried to crawl across the floor, but he failed. It seems that some invisible force is pulling the man along. The footage ends with two other guards rushing to help the victim when they noticed what was happening.

The mayor of the city noted that people should not worry about the presence of ghosts on the premises of the government. He also added that a dedicated team of professionals has been hired to help exorcise invisible creatures so they don’t harm anyone else. The mayor urged people to believe in the protection of the Lord and not to panic.


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