Polish builders accidentally discovered a plague burial

(ORDO NEWS) — Builders from Poland accidentally discovered a fairly large burial of people who died as a result of the plague epidemic that raged in the 18th century.

In Mikolajki then whole families perished at once. Now scientists will study the discovered remains, and then reburial them. Reported by Wydarzenia.

During the construction of the residential complex, human remains were found in the small town of Mikolajki. The work was immediately stopped, and the builders themselves turned to experts for help.

They carried out further excavations and found that in this place there are settlements from the Neolithic era and two, fairly large in size, cemeteries. One of them originated in the 18th century.

Dajna Jerzy Okulich-Kozarina Agnieszka Jaremek told that there was not enough space in the cemetery next to the church. That is why people had to be buried directly along the road. Archaeologists believe that they managed to find this very place.

In just a few weeks that the excavations were carried out, experts have found over 100 human remains in 60 graves. All of them died as a result of the plague epidemic. In most cases, people were buried at once by whole families in one grave.

In Mikolajki, archaeologists also managed to find the remains of a city that existed about 4 thousand years ago until the rise of the Roman Empire. Experts have found a huge number of artifacts, ceramic dishes, beads and more.

During the existence of the Roman Empire, this settlement could have been quite large and therefore occupied a large territory.


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