A girl who was born with a weight of 212 grams was discharged from the hospital

(ORDO NEWS) — In Singapore, a girl named Kwek Yu Xuan was finally discharged from the hospital. She was under the supervision of specialists for 13 months, since she was born with a weight of only 212 grams.

It is reported by The Straits Times.

On June 9, 2020, the girl was born much earlier than the due date. The baby was born when her mother was in her fifth month of pregnancy. Her parents at this moment planned to return back to Malaysia, where they lived.

Their eldest son, who at that time was four years old, was waiting for a couple there. But suddenly the woman had very sharp pains in her stomach and she was immediately taken to the hospital.

Doctors were forced to immediately carry out an emergency caesarean section, as the pregnant woman was diagnosed with preeclampsia.

The doctors noted that they were amazed at how small the newborn baby was. Its weight was literally 212 grams. One of the employees of this clinic said that for the entire time of her work (over 22 years), she had not seen anything like it.

Xuan was immediately connected to the ventilator. Doctors cut diapers for the girl on their own, because her size was not on sale. After 13 months, the girl gained 6.3 kilograms and therefore the experts considered that she could be allowed to go home.

At the moment, the baby is still breathing with the help of a ventilator, but at the same time she tries to eat from a bottle and even tries to roll over.

Rehabilitation of premature Xuan cost her parents a huge amount – about 200 thousand dollars. They collected money on a crowdfunding platform, where caring people from different countries donated.


Preeclampsia is a pathological condition that can occur at different stages of pregnancy. The main symptom of a complication is high blood pressure, which cannot be normalized.

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