US woman found out about her pregnancy a few hours before giving birth

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(ORDO NEWS) — A very strange story happened with a resident of the city of Bloomington (Illinois). The choreographer found out that she had been bearing a baby all this time, only a few hours before the birth itself.

Twenty-three-year-old Lizzy Kuah in the middle of the night felt a terrible pain. She thought that the kidney stones that had already been removed were returned to her. The American went to the hospital with her mother. What was the woman’s surprise when the doctors told her about pregnancy and early birth.

As it turned out, the pains were contractions, on the same night Lizzy became a mother. The woman was contraindicated in epidural anesthesia, so she had to endure hellish pain. During the birth process, the woman considered what the expectant mothers usually analyze for 9 months: the sex of the unborn baby, his state of health, whether he is full-term or not. Soon a baby appeared, weighing 2.9 kg. Childbirth was difficult both physically and psychologically.

While Lizzy was in the hospital, she managed to diagnose a number of diseases: placenta previa, toxemia and preeclampsia.

The American said to some media that during the bearing of the child she did not have any symptoms. Even the pains that arise from time to time were no different from those that bother with kidney stones.

The woman will never forget the process of childbirth, as it turned out to be a real nightmare. Lizzy had not experienced anything more painful before. The woman felt as if someone was breaking out, tearing the lower abdomen. However, almost so it was in fact. The child was healthy, and this is a reason for joy.


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