Lunar eclipse in June 2020: date of the event and recommendations of astrologers

(ORDO NEWS) — Astrologers told who should be especially careful during the lunar eclipse, which will occur on June 5.

The inhabitants of the planet expects a lunar eclipse at the beginning of next month. This event will happen on June 5 and most of all it will affect those people who were born in November and December. Another important event, the full moon, also falls on June 5th. This will cause higher excitability, as well as problems with well-being and sleep in certain categories of people.

People should carefully monitor their health in the coming days to the eclipse and be extremely careful so that there are no serious problems. On June 5th, in addition to the lunar eclipse, it is also the period of the retrograde motion of Venus, which began on May 13 and will end only by the end of June. You should not make any serious purchases or take important steps in the relationship during this period of time.

It does not hurt to observe extreme caution, because people will be affected simultaneously by several different astrological indicators, which can be called non-standard. Prudently also will not become superfluous and will allow avoiding at this important time a sufficiently large number of problems not only with health, but also in personal life.

It is worth noting that this summer there will be as many as three eclipses – a solar and two lunar eclipses. Experts are confident that such an astrological factor can be called special, because it is during this period that a forecast is made regarding the most important stages in life.

Experts advise during eclipses to listen not only to yourself, but also to the environment. After all, absolutely all decisions that will be taken during this period can seriously affect and even completely change the life of a person.


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